• Zondag, November 17, 2019

Dear Client,

We want to make you aware that this Tuesday (January 1, 9 A.M. IST), we have scheduled the migration of email exchange server. We will be migrating the functionality to use AWS (Amazon Web Services) Email Services for better delivery and avoid spamming. We have been working hard to set up a reliable email service and proper delivery of emails that will serve you far into the future. Due to this change, all local outgoing email functionality will be disabled for all the domains.

If you are using our local email server for sending emails then, just open a support ticket with the list of domains for which you want to enable outgoing emails (Live chat requests will not be accepted). You don’t have to make any changes from your end, we will verify the domain in AWS console and update CNAME and DKIM settings in cPanel, rest other functionality will remain as it is.

Q. What I have to do now?
Ans - Please log in to Client Area, Open a support ticket with the domain(only mention domain which is going to be used for mailing). We will set up an email configuration for you.

All your email account details and SMTP settings will remain the same. We will still resend the login details and STMP configuration details of your account, once you submit a ticket to enable outgoing email functionality.

The process of enabling outgoing emails for each domain may take up to 4 hours, till the time all outgoing emails will be bounced and there will not be any impact on incoming emails.

We advise you to avoid sending emails from your cPanel email (webmail) or from any email client (Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.) after 9 A.M. IST on January 1 till the domain is enabled for outgoing emails.

If you are using third-party email services like - G Suite, Zoho, etc or if you are not using email service with us you can ignore this email.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.